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Krunnch Photo: Overt Imaginations

Above: Alexsander Freitas

Overt: Done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden.

Imagination: The ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist.

Overt and Imagination are not words that typically go together. Overt is usually used to describe something loud, bold and in your face. Imagination on the other hand is something never actually seen, but instead visualized in image and emotion in your mind's fantasies and dreams.

Below: Carson

Presenting men as boldly sexual while at the same time leaving something to the imagination is what first drew me to the work of Krunnch Photo. The work, so powerfully sexual had me briefly worried it may be a bit much for FH. This worry however was short lived. Not only did I love the images, the more I communicated with the artist the more the passion he has for his work had me wanting to share.

It is odd isn't it that although full frontal shots are often seen on FH, these images in which the models wear more than most would cause me to pause. It is because, as stated above, the images are so overt. Although the models maybe partially covered, nothing, motive included, is subtle or hidden. It is a testament to Krunnch's ability to so directly connect, challenge and stimulate viewers of his work. Krunnch's models are not just fit, they are in control, strong, both physically and emotionally. When you see the eyes of his models you know exactly what they're saying.

Below: Bobby Momenteller

When I began the profile on the work of Krunnch Photo, I thought that the diversity in his portfolio might be a great theme. They certainly feature many men who are often under represented in the medium. When I mentioned this to Krunnch I loved that although he agreed, he simply said, 'I just do what I like, really.'

Below: Francisco Soriano

'I'm a software engineer by trade. A few years ago I got laid off from a job for which I didn't really have much enthusiasm anyway, so with the support of my wonderful husband I took a few months to think about what I wanted to do. Well they say do what you like, and what I've been obsessed about forever is jockstraps. So I picked up a camera and started jockbutt.com.

One of my first models introduced me to Louis LaSalle. He is a top-notch art nude photographer. He's also a very good friend now. Louis taught me just about everything I know about lighting.

Well surprise, you can't just hang your shingle out on the Internet and expect the money to start rolling in. Luckily I happened to shoot Mark Wolff. We hit it off, talking for some time after the shoot about his own site. I asked if he'd be interested in buying my site, since I obviously didn't know how to market it. He countered with a partnership that we maintain to this day. He's quite a marketing wiz and with his help we redesigned the site and sales took off.

As another friend jokes, it's not lucrative enough to pay for the beach house in Malibu (as if) but it does at least allow me to keep doing what I love. I get to shoot, edit and display my work. on a website that I have partially designed and maintained. I love it. How many people get to do what they really like?'

Below: Jamie

Thanks to Krunnch Photo for sharing his work, and his passion with FH!

Below: Peter Le

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Below: Powerhouse Paul